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This page was created as part of an application for trademark usage by the Italian Community

Basic Information

X-OpenOffice.org http://www.winpenpack.com/en/download.php?view.1035 is a portable version of OpenOffice.org packaged by Italian volunteers.

X-OpenOffice.org is fully prepared from a repackaged version of the OpenOffice.org official binary files.


The winPenPack technology provides a single launcher, called X-Launcher and common to all software, which creates the environment for portabilization through step-by-step intructions stored in a configuration ".INI" file. The winPenPack launcher is released under the GNU General Public License, as well as all materials distributed with the project. The general license can be seen at this link: http://www.winpenpack.com/en/page.php?5 . Here a direct link to download X-OpenOffice.org Portable Launcher source code: http://download.winpenpack.com/X-OpenOffice.org-portable-source.zip . Anyway, please have a look also to winPenPack repository, hosted on SourceForge: http://winpenpack.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/winpenpack/


Regarding the changes made to build the portable version of OpenOffice.org (called X-OpenOffice.org), you can have a look into the "X-OpenOffice.org.ini" file located into "X-OpenOffice.org-portable-source/_launcher/X-OpenOffice.org_rev18.zip".

The "OpenOffice.org launcher" performs the following modifications, needed to have a fully functional portable version of Openoffice.org:

  • sets the OPEN_OFFICE_USER_HOME variable to create the personal profile into the removable media (instead of common %AppData%);
  • sets the Java PATH into the removable media;
  • at first run starts JavaGet, a winPenPack program that manages the automatic installation or upgrade of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) directly in the \Lib\Java folder. Then, at X-OpenOffice.org Portable first run, JRE is automatically downloaded and extracted in X-OpenOffice.org\Lib\Java\ folder (only if JRE is not present in this directory);
  • normalizes all paths of Recent files (all Recent files and other paths are correctly updated);
  • sets the Documents and Backup folders to dedicated directories into the X-OpenOffice.org's stucture;
  • sets other minor options present in "X-OpenOffice.org.ini" file;
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