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The started project in the given shape more or less died as most of the contributors stopped working on it at OpenOffice.

A different approach to solve Issue 33737 is currently (Oct./Nov. 2013) in progress - for details see Issue 33737 and Writer/Input Fields


What are we aiming for

from Issue 33737 : Input fields are currently edited using a dialog box that pops up when clicking the field. It would be more intuitive, faster and practical to edit these fields in-place instead of through a dialog. Ideally they should also allow for direct formatting as well.

This enhancement would also increase compatibility and interoperability with MS Word. Text fields in Word forms are imported as input fields.

cws cbosdo02

  • Our starting point is the textfield implementation created mainly by Florian Reuter. The patch has been commited to OOo with CWS DEV300 cbosdo02   and has been adapted with some additional integration work by User:od and User:b_michaelsen.


The road ahead

Once in-place editing of textfields is integrated in the master, we would need to consider:

  • integration of input fields form fields
  • representation of fields in ODF
  • changes to the user interface
  • allowing for attributed (formatted) text in fields
  • ... more follow-up work


Related Issues

  • Issue 16641 Integrate Input Fields and Form Controls
  • Issue 33737 Allow for in-place editing of input field (turn off pop-up)
  • Issue 79720 Protect Document but allow input field entry - MS Word to OOo
  • Issue 93321 Preparation of new Field implementation from issue 33737
  • Issue 94949 Writer Bookmark Refactoring for metadata

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