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This is a specification draft for issue 66319, which is about "how to set language for object caption". Please bear in mind that this page is geared towards developing a specification (see also Category:Specification); don't discuss here, use the Talk page (discussion link above) instead. Thanks.

General overview

There's consensus that it should be possible to edit a document in rotation among several users with different OOo versions and localizations without any problems, especially without visibility of the different editors' OOo localizations.


  1. Without regard of the localization of the used OOo, standard terms of the "document language" must be used in the document. For example:
    1. "Illustration" for image caption in a document with English language (not "Abbildung", even if you work with OOo_de)
    2. "Table of Contents" for a new index (not "Inhaltsverzeichnis", even if you work with OOo_de)

Possible solutions

Create a new document property: document standard language

For all actions this document standard language should be preselected.

  • Advantages:
    • That seems to be simple for the users
  • Disadvantages
    • That is not trivial.
      • special "language packs" that contain the special terms used for automatic and semi-automatic functions like caption for objects must be available.

Take language from paragraph

Problem: There is no general paragraph language, how should such selection work?

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