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MediaWiki version and configuration

As of 26 December 2015 until 04 March 2024, the OpenOffice Wiki is running on:

  • MediaWiki 1.23.13

You can access the MediaWiki API via:

Wiki regular Maintenance (sysop)

Our Wiki is like a flower, it grows wild all by itself, but by nursing it carefully it shows its full potential.

Call to all sysop: please visit the following pages once a month and remove the content:

Unused Categories Unused categories are in any way related to some wanted categories (Category:OC/Calendièr list pages of Category:OC/Calendièr * It affects pages that use accented characters and alphabets different - Cyrillic, Kanji, etc - from the Occidental alphabet)

Note: Do not delete empty categories which are in Category:Wiki Maintenance. Some of these are supposed to be empty, unless there is a problem.

Would it not be possible to create one page "do_not_delete" and add to those catagories, thereby we could automate the process !!

Is the sub-categories section of Category:Wiki Maintenance good enough?

Unused Files

Unused Templates

Call to all sysop: Please visit the following pages once a month and check if the content should be created, otherwise modify the calling pages:

Wanted Categories

Wanted Files

Wanted Pages

Wanted Templates

There is some problem with the Basic Guide template (64 redlinks). I will investigate. --TJ (Talk) 14:51, 5 January 2013 (UTC)
The problem is with the remnants of a project under user G11nAutomation. Moving discussion to dev@, or maybe to I10n@. --TJ (Talk) 10:50, 6 January 2013 (UTC)

Wiki regular Maintenance (root)

All documentation is available to the Apache Infrastructure team at (restricted access, ask to the dev mailing list if you need access).

Integration of cwiki:

Wiki Extension Requests

There are currently no extension requests

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