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This page lists the benefits for Small/Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

  • Need to minimize costs - no license fees to pay for installation or upgrade
  • Cannot afford license compliance issues / audits
  • Useful for employees to be able to use at home
  • MS-Office file compatibility makes it easy to exchange documents with MS-Office users or use legacy MS-Office files
  • Standard look and feel means it isn't necessary to retrain staff
  • Ability to send documents via email as pdfs is useful
  • Don’t want to be forced by vendors to upgrade
  • OpenOffice.org is a mature, stable product, guaranteeing trouble-free operation
  • Likely to be available in your language
  • If full commercial support is required, the same software is available as a commercial product


Enterprises from corner-shops to corporate giants are turning to OpenOffice.org 2 to power their businesses. The flexible word processor, powerful spreadsheet, dynamic graphics, database access and more meet all the requirements for an office software package. OpenOffice.org 2 offers a high degree of compatibility with commercial office software, but with none of the costs or licence worries.

The no-hassle answer

For small businesses, IT is a hassle and an expense. OpenOffice.org 2 is simply the easiest and cheapest way of providing the essential software tools required to support a growing business. Developed over twenty years, OpenOffice.org is a mature, stable, product, guaranteeing trouble-free usage. Behind the scenes, it stores all your valuable data in a format approved by the International Organization for Standarisation - the first software package in the world to meet this exacting standard. As more companies adopt the standard, exchanging data between office software, accounting software, planning software - any software - will become as easy as saving and opening a file. No transcription errors, no typing the same information twice - no hassle computing.

Better but compatible

OpenOffice.org 2 prides itself on its compatibility with other office software. Companies moving to OpenOffice.org simply take their existing files with them. In fact, changing to OpenOffice.org may be a simpler process than having to upgrade because your commercial software vendor has brought out a new version. OpenOffice.org 2 also understands that no business is an island, which is why it can exchange files with other office software - for example, the one your accountants use. It also allows you to create pdf files for those all-important times when you want to retain control of documents after they leave your office.

Open for business

Amazingly, OpenOffice.org 2 comes without any license fees, or any worrying small print. You can install it on as many computers as you like, use it for any purpose, and even give copies away for employees to use at home. No more threats of heavy-handed software audits disturbing your business. You don't even have to worry about what to install - OpenOffice.org 2 is one complete package. If you need extra languages, simply install them. If you do want commercial support, the same software is also available as a fully supported and packaged product under the StarOffice brand from Sun Microsystems, one of the world's most respected IT companies.

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