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This page originally listed the benefits for OEM's - PC manufacturers / builders supplying PCs with pre-installed software ‘bundles’. However, the definition of this target market has now grown to include anyone building a business around OOo - the ‘bizdev’ sector.

  • Deliver the best PC ‘bundle’ at the lowest cost
  • No license/compliance hassles - you don't need to say "we recommend OpenOffice.org" on all your advertising
  • Potential purchasers may be legacy MS-Office users - migration is no issue
  • Stable, mature product means no support / after-sales support hassles
  • Likely to be available in your language

IT Businesses

Build your business around OpenOffice.org 2. If you're in the IT business, OpenOffice.org 2 can mean good business for you. The flexible word processor, powerful spreadsheet, dynamic graphics, database access and more meet all the requirements for an office software package. Use OpenOffice.org 2 to add value for your clients, free of licence costs and onerous licencing conditions.

Unbeatable value add

Although it's the big name software companies that capture the headlines, shipping the box is only a small part of the equation. For the majority of users, it's other people who provide the value add: the people running training courses, writing user guides, providing support, integrating systems, providing niche-market add-ons... For all of these businesses, OpenOffice.org 2 provides an unbeatable value proposition. No longer do you have to spend a large chunk of your client's budget on software licences. With OpenOffice.org 2, you can offer office software of the highest quality at no cost.

Open for adoption

For developers and systems integrators, OpenOffice.org 2 is as open as its name implies. Starting at the file level, it is the first software package in the world to fully support ISO/IEC 26300 OpenDocument file format (ODF). As more companies adopt the standard, exchanging data between office software will become as easy as saving and opening a file - a system integrator's dream. For developers, OpenOffice.org 2 offers a range of options, from extensions - in a variety of programming languages - through to use of the full OpenOffice.org 2 component based architecture. OpenOffice.org even offers its own ODF toolkit for other developers.

Open for business

OpenOffice.org 2 prides itself on its compatibility with other office software, both in the way it works and in the files it uses. So offering OpenOffice.org 2 doesn't close off options for your clients - in fact, it opens up new opportunities for them. Amazingly, OpenOffice.org 2 comes without any license fees, or any worrying small print. You can pre-install it on computers, ship it on CDs, include it in books, put it on the cover of magazines... and, you don't need to say We recommend OpenOffice.org on all your advertising.

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