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OOo Marketing Project

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This target marjet was originally defined as Linux distributions. However, this has evolved into a target market of 'Free/Open Source Software' advocates, both as users, but more importantly as contributors.

  • LGPL licensing meets community’s open-source definitions
  • Source code freely available
  • Individuals or companies can contribute directly to product development or supplying a missing feature
  • Easy transition from using OOo on Windows.

F/OSS Advocates

Free/Open-Source Software (F/OSS) proponents are turning to OpenOffice.org 2 both as end-users and as contributors. With its flexible word processor, powerful spreadsheet, dynamic graphics, database access and more, OpenOffice.org 2 is the office suite of choice of millions of users. OpenOffice.org 2 is released under the OSI approved LGPL terms, with over 750 contributors and an international community approaching 400,000 individuals.

Software for all

OpenOffice.org 2 is the must-have desktop application that tens of millions of people are using - an open-source tool that your family, friends, and neighbours will appreciate. With its free software licence and active Native Language Confederation, OpenOffice.org is a key player in the drive to eradicate digital exclusion and preserve minority languages threatened by being on the wrong side of the digital divide. For tens of thousands of community members, this makes the OpenOffice.org community their volunteering opportunity of choice.

Open for development

OpenOffice.org 2 is a mature software product, representing over twenty years' continuous development. It is available across multiple operating systems. Understanding and contributing to the core development requires serious commitment and software engineering skills - not for the faint hearted. However, like all successful open-source projects, OpenOffice.org has an active developer community, keen to help new arrivals. Alternatively, try writing extensions, or using OpenOffice.org's UNO based components in other applications.

Open world

If you are using OpenOffice.org 2, you will appreciate the work that has gone into providing this software for you to use for free. Help us to ensure future users can continue to use it for free. The OpenOffice.org community invites contributors: Whatever you do best, do it for OpenOffice.org. As well as developers, the Community welcomes translators, artists, technical authors, testers, people offering user support, sales and marketing people, lobbyists, donors, ... the list is long. The Community operates internationally in all time zones, linked by the internet. Talk to us today.

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