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This page lists the benefits for Governments and Public Administrations

  • Effectively free to acquire - good value for money proposition to voters
  • No license/compliance hassles
  • Can be given away free to government employees, through the schools system, etc
  • OpenOffice.org is not ‘owned’ by one commercial organization - demonstrates impartiality towards particular vendors
  • Easy to migrate if an existing (possibly less than fully licensed) Microsoft site
  • Easy to publish documents in 'read-only' format with built-in pdf support
  • Freedom of Information Acts require long term access to data - this is guaranteed through ISO OpenDocument Format support
  • Likely to be available in your language - easy to translate into local minority languages
  • Open source means that there are no secrets, back doors, etc hidden in the software at the request of foreign governments


Public administrations and people working at all levels of government (local / federal / regional / national etc) find OpenOffice.org 2 is their ideal software solution. The combination of a flexible word processor, a powerful spreadsheet, dynamic graphics, database access and more meets all the everyday needs of a typical busy office worker. Already available in a wide range of languages, OpenOffice.org 2 can be freely translated by local teams.

Best value

Using OpenOffice.org 2 demonstrates your commitment to deliver best value services. It is not owned by any commercial organisation. Its open source licence means there are no licence fees to pay, no expensive annual audits, and no worries about non-compliance with onerous and obscure licencing conditons. You may also distribute the software free to your employees, through the schools system, or any other channel of your choice.

Data is safe

Freedom of Information Acts require that the documents you create today will be accessible years in the future. OpenOffice.org 2 is the first software in the world to use ISO approved file formats as its default. It also has the ability to create pdf files if you need to publish information in a standard 'read only' format. If you already have (possibly unlicenced) office software, OpenOffice.org 2 should be able to read your old files.

Open for all

There are no secrets in OpenOffice.org 2 - our open-source policy means anyone can inspect the code or even help us develop the software. We actively encourage local teams to produce versions for minority languages. OpenOffice.org 2 is a leading international force in the movement for digital inclusion - making software of the highest quality available to all, regardless of income.

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