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This page lists the ease of use benefits

  • you don't need to go back to school - if you can use MS-Office, you can use OpenOffice.org
  • you don't need to retype your old MS-Office files - OpenOffice.org will use them
  • you don't have to learn a foreign language to use it - new languages are being added all the time
  • you only do a single download from the Internet (or install from one CD) and you've got your office suite


Easy to choose, easy to install, easy to learn - OpenOffice.org 2 is the easy choice for an office software suite. OpenOffice.org 2 is suitable for complete beginners, but if you have used any other office software, that's ok too. OpenOffice.org 2 will make full use of what you already know - through familiar screens and menus - and also what you have - by reading existing files with no retyping.

Use it immediately

For people used to other office software, OpenOffice.org 2 is a pleasant surprise. It's so straightforward! Studies have proved it is easier (and cheaper) to move to OpenOffice.org 2 from Microsoft Office than it is to upgrade to Microsoft's latest Office 2007. Because OpenOffice.org is one piece of software, everything works consistently between applications. Even the help system is the same. You don't even have to know which application was used to create a document - OpenOffice.org 2 will use the correct one. You only need to do a single download from the Internet (or install from one CD) and you've got your office suite

No need to retype

We understand that many people already have documents which they have created using other common office software packages. OpenOffice.org 2 can read these files with a very high degree of accuracy, making migration to OpenOffice.org 2 very straightforward. In fact, we have reports where OpenOffice.org 2 has been able to read files which the original software package had said were corrupted and unusable. If your friends or colleagues use different software, you can still swap files with them - but better still, give them a free copy of OpenOffice.org 2!

Part of a community

When you're starting something new, it's great to know tens of millions of people have been there before you. OpenOffice.org 2 is developed, translated, supported, and promoted by an international community of tens of thousands of enthusiasts. If you have ever waited for ages for paid-for support from a commercial software provider, community support from enthusiastic and knowledgeable volunteers may come as a surprise. You may even find yourself talking to people who have developed or translated the software you are using. Welcome to the community!

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