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The download of OpenOffice comes via a mirror-system behind and some other related pages like the main page.

Mirrorsystems for OpenOffice

Currently supported mirror-systems are:

Adoptions required for mirror-system support

To allow downloads for co-existing mirror-systems following web-pages need some adoptions:

  • www-project /
    • index.html
  • download-project /
    • index.html
    • contribute.html
  • download-project /next/
    • index.html
  • download-project /[oldrelease]/ -> currently 2.4.3
    • index.html

Main javascript files to include on OpenOffice download pages

All these named pages requires include of

Note: Sometimes the languages.js is used local in the web-folder, e.g. dev-builds.

Important for the mirror-systems are the file download.js and the related download_[MIRROR_SYSTEM_NAME].js file. Some of the functions in the download.js need some special implementations for the mirror-system. These are included in the download_[MIRROR_SYSTEM_NAME].js file. Beside this there are also some functions for the tagging needed for the trackingtools.

The control file globalvars.js

The globalvars.js is the main java-script file to control the used mirror-system for OpenOffice download.

// The most recent stable release
var VERSION        = "3.1.1";
var MIRROR         = "bouncer";

// The previously major release
var OLD_VERSION    = "2.4.3";
var OLD_MIRROR     = "bouncer";


var DEV2_TEXT      = "(codeline DEV300)";
var DEV2_BUILD     = "OOo-Dev 3.2.x";
var DEV2_VERSION   = "DEV300_m57";
var DEV2_MIRROR    = "mirrorbrain";

As you can see, each named parameter of an OpenOffice download version has its own *_MIRROR parameter to control the used mirror-system for the download. Example, the version 3.1.1 uses in this example bouncer as mirror-system. The dev-build OOo-Dev 3.2.x in version DEV300_m57 uses mirrorbrain as download mirror-system.

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