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Specification Status
Author Matthias-Müller-Prove
Last Change 09:14, 26 October 2007 (CEST)
Status Preliminary Help


Several aspects of the website are defined here.


Reference Document Check Location (URL)
Specification Process Entry Check [passed/failed] n/a
Product Requirement, RFE, Issue ID (required) [available/not available] <PLEASE ENTER LOCATION HERE>
Product Concept Document [available/not available] <PLEASE ENTER LOCATION HERE>
Test case specification (required) [available/not available] <PLEASE ENTER LOCATION HERE>
IDL Specification [available/not available] <PLEASE ENTER LOCATION HERE>
Software Specification Rules n/a n/a
Other, e.g. references to related specs <PLEASE ENTER LOCATION HERE>


Role Name E-Mail Address
Developer <First Name, Last Name> <>
Quality Assurance <First Name, Last Name> <>
Documentation <First Name, Last Name> <>
User Experience Matthias Müller-Prove

Acronyms and Abbreviations

Acronym / Abbreviation Definition
<WYSIWYG> <What You See Is What You Get>

Detailed Specification



h2 element

h2 should not be plain style. It should match the visual appearance of the other heading styles.

h2 is defined in as "font-weight: normal". That is the reason why it looks too thin.



Main Navigation

The "top tabs" before:

label title href
Home Go to the Homepage
Download Get or browse for additions
Support The place for both free and commercial support on
Contributing Become part of the largest OpenSource project!
Projects See the Projects and their Categories
My pages
About Background information on
Proposed changes
label title href comment
Home Go to home page minor issue: change of title attribute still to be done
Download Get or browse for extensions ok
Support Get support on minor issue: change of title attribute still to be done
Participate Help us to improve ok
Projects Browse the projects and get in touch with the project leads ok - and thank you Louis!
My pages Your community member page medium issue: title attribute still missing
About Learn more about the open source project minor issue: "open source" vs. "open-source"

Help | User Interface Element Templates | Example Spec

Open Issues

<State a bulleted list of issues Issue here>

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