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Redesign issue tracker

The most up to date design of the new home page can be seen at

Pages to create

(if you want to take on a certain issue, just write your name behind it, or say so on the dev@website mailinglist, discussion should also take place at this list)

  • At the moment only a main page has been created, content still needs to be developed for the other pages, in answer to all 5 action statements. Additionally, some new tabs have been introduced that also need a new landing page. See Content.
  • We need a feed parser for the new 'News' page (there will no longer be news featuring on the main page, e.g. like

Issues with the new design (CSS/HTML)

Please add any HTML/CSS issues you discover with the new design to this list.

  • Fixed: There seems to be a problem with logging in on the new Test pages: the Search field covers the login dialog.--TJ 12:37, 4 January 2009 (CET)

Issues related to the old website

Unresolved issues for the main website

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