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The website currently uses a table-based layout: the table #main, which contains the columns #navcol (left hand navigation area), #midcol (main body) and for My Pages, #communitycol. Each of these columns contains a div-based wrapper; #navcolumn, #bodycol and #rightcol (respectively).

Although most of's pages are tableless (i.e., they have no tables other than #main), the CollabNet template imposes the #main table on all OOo pages. This is not good web design practice, and we can accomplish the same thing using just divs while simplifying the layout at the same time and making it more future-proof.

Please note: This will not affect any tables other than #main! If any of your pages contain tables (e.g. The Native Language Confederation Project page), they will not be changed at all. For example, IssueZilla will continue to use tables to display issue data.

The process

This section will detail how project leads can transition to the tableless layout. For now, discussion on this issue is encouraged on both Website and Native Language project mailing lists.

The Transition Guide will list common CSS fixes.

Tableless Projects

The following projects have moved to the tableless layout:

Structural Changes

The images below allow you to compare the existing layout (skeleton) with the proposed layout. Please note that they have been simplified to show the most important layout elements - margins and padding are not included in the outlines.

Existing, table-based layout
Proposed tableless layout
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