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Participate in always welcomes new contributors – especially new programmers. But no matter what your skills and interests are, there is a place where you can participate to improve


Contribute to the core programs or develop extensions



Quality Assurance

Help us verify whether the product is free of defects.

Graphics and Art

Contribute clipart, templates or leaflets and brochures.


Murb: (shouldn't we make this a subsection of programming (documentation) and helping (end-user docs) ?

Helping Users

If you know your way around, help users in the forums, etc.

User Experience

Contribute your ideas to make the experience more user friendly

Monetary Donations

Allow us to pay programmers or buy necessary material for our infrastructure

Language Communities

Support the community in your own locale

Before submitting your work, please read the 'Guidelines for Participate in'. It will enumerate to you how contributions will be used, and how the community organises its collaboration.

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