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Users Mail List Project community support provided by a network of hundreds of experienced users. Since all e-mails are stored, the mailinglist's archive is already an extensive resource for information on problems that users, like you, are running into.

A simple search in the archives of the user mailinglist, already can give the right answer on many questions.

Remember: to post messages to this mailinglist, you must be subscribed. Subscribing is free and easy, as explained below.

All Mail Is PUBLIC

As a rule, messages posted to our many mail lists are public and the archives are public, too, and copied throughout the Internet. If you post to a list, and have personal information included in your mail, it *will* become public. (Note, there are some exceptions to this rule but don't count on them.)

How can I subscribe

Simply send an e-mail to the following address that you want to subscribe: There will be a response mail, and just by replying to that, the subscription is completed. So it's easy and free.


When you want to unsubscribe, send a mail to Unsubscribe. Remember to use the mail address that is subscribed to the list.

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