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I need help with installing

In case you are experiencing difficulties with installing, read the installation instructions first, which will guide you through the process.

If you still experience problems installing check out the Frequently Asked Installation Questions. If this still doesn't help try the official forum.

If you are looking for paid installation support we have a list for companies here.

I need help with using

Your first approach for getting help on using the software would be the application help that comes with You can invoke the help system by pressing F1 in any application.

If you cannot find the information there, you may want look into one of the following resources. Some of the resources are maintained by the [[Documentation Documentation project]] and some are maintained by 3rd parties. Most, but not all of the information sources are freely available. User Forum

The official forum is an extensive source for information and a good place to get help from fellow users from all levels of experience. It is run by volunteers and completely free to use. User Mailing Lists

You can subscribe to the user mailing list and post your problem there. Be sure that you take a look at the mailing list archive to see if your problem was discussed before.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Documentation project maintains a growing list of Frequently Asked Questions for all areas of installation and usage. You can also search through the list of FAQs using the search facility on the Documentation project web page.

Manuals and Books

Manuals provide a good way of getting an overview over the concepts of the software. The Documentation project offers a multitude of manuals for beginner and advanced users, as well as for system administrators, and core and BASIC developers.

There are also printed books and books for download available from 3rd parties. Some of those may not be free of charge.

How Tos and Tutorials

If you rather prefer a hands on approach, the Documentation project offers How Tos and Tutorials that concisely describe how to achieve a certain task. There are also many 3rd parties offering step by step tutorials.

Commercial Support

You can get paid professional support for We have a list for companies that offer support here.

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