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Content pages

I want to learn more about

What is and why should I use it?

This could jump straight to, maybe with one intermediate page alerting style change.

I want to get

Download a copy for {DETECTED OS} free, or find out about other ways of getting it

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<button descr="the 'one click'">Download for Windows with JRE in English</button>

  • Other operating systems and languages
  • CD ROM's
  • Additional downloads
  • Checkbox for JRE

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How about ??? Jump to new (??)

I need help with my

Help is at hand whenever you need it

OR If you run in to problems with using or installing our software

How about ??? Just go to with style and (some) content changes.

"Support" looks like it could use a slight overhaul/rearrangement by function (i.e. installation problems, documentation, tutorials, etc.) rather than provider type. Other than that, I don't think we need to reinvent this.

I want to do more with my

Extend with additional functionality, templates and clip art.

I want to participate in is built with help from people from all over the world. Feel free to contribute!

How About ??? A major overhaul of some of what's in the About page now? It seems like we could handle this with a restyling/restructuring of what's in there.

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