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This page contains a list of early ideas for the 2010 website redesign.


With's new branding comes a need to re-evaluate the design of the website. The branding initiative is working on defining a new visual language/design for which the new website will need to reflect.


We do not yet know when the website will be migrated to the Kenai infrastructure, nor do we know precisely what features Kenai will offer (currently, the migration has been reported as being stalled). This gives us time to propose a new design so that the migration can be simplified and the new design can go up earlier rather than later.

The process could be completed in the following stages:

Ideas Stage

While the branding project prepares the new branding guidelines and graphics, we can discuss what we would like in the new website in detail (with other projects too once we have a discussion framework in place)

Mockups (Call for Proposals)

When the branding project gives the green light, we could issue a call for proposals. The chosen design(s) could then be iteratively developed (refined) in a collaborative process.

Static HTML/CSS Implementation

This would involve the creation of a basic HTML skeleton and a CSS framework which can be adapted across's various websites (e.g. wiki, templates, extensions, planet...)



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