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Dynamic Webconcept with collabnet

Befor you read

This is a draft on how to improve the editing performance of the OOo page. Maybe my idea is not good, or you have better solutions. Please discuss on the mailing list dev@website.openoffice.org. Feel free to edit this concept. Thank you.

The problem with the Collabnet framework

Several people are missing dynamic content on the OOo website. At the moment we insert most content manually. Collabnet supports any serverside language. To compensate the missing features, several OOo projects use different services like wiki, blogs, etc. A load of content is at the moment on external servers. For my point of view, this make an unprofessional look. It will be increasingly difficult to find information.

It's the task for the website project to create a solution for all OOo projects. This is not a task for one person. That's the reason for me to create this wiki page.

My proposed idea

It's not only my idea. John takes a similar approach for the marketing project. He takes the atom feed from a planet blog, edits it on a Server, and commits it in the marketing project. Everything runs automatically.


This is what the structure of the system could look like.

The main work

The main work is to develop a software for the service server. It represents a web interface to make all changes and that communicates with the Collabnet server and does the CVS commits. My Idea is to create a modular software with one login.

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