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This page is archived for historical reasons only. It is no longer maintained and information may not be current. Valid from DEV300 m53 on -> OOo 3.2 (CWS tbo07)


The file testautomation/global/hid/hid.lst is removed from source code repository. There are various other ways to get this file and where it is already available. There are some ways implemented, that try to find the file via various ways. In the end the file is either found at the location that is specified in the VCl Testtool settings as 'Hid-directory' or it is needed to change that path in the settings.

Where to find the hid.lst file; prefered way to choose is on top:

To see, if the hid.lst file is correct, please take a look onto it's first line. It should look like: DEV300.m55 010101010101010 (With the respective version numbers)

Current known errors:

  • i103219; fixed in CWS dba32; Warning : Unknown name : DataField HID_PROP_*; occurs 95 times
  • i101284; fixed in CWS mba32issues02; Warning: Double name: SID_OBJECT_MIRROR 27085
  • i104359: As reported by Maho, there are a few differences resulting in the build hid.lst from OOo and StarOffice; with i103796 these differences still exists, but do not result in any error message, when used by VCL TestTool

Do not mix the file hid.lst from testautomation up with the file helpcontent2/helpers/hid.lst - it is a very old file, used in that project. It will not work for testautomation, since it is too old.

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