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Additional requirements for UNO References:

  • a second dimension, reflecting the purpose (thread unsafe, thread safe, thread affine, debug ...)
  • ABI (or runtime): com::sun::star:uno::Reference needs to become the "thread safe" reference
  • API (or build time) com::sun::star::uno::Reference needs to be mappable per define to any other purpose reference
  • A generic specialisation to be created and casted to any other reference, internally doing a mapping.

This allows for compile and runtime detection of mistakenly mixed references!

New generic UNO Reference:

template<typename T, char const * pPurpose> EnvReverence

A reference to thread safe objects:

template<typename T> struct SafeReference { typedef EnvReference<T, safe> Type; };

The classical UNO reference "com::sun::star::uno::Reference" is "define" dependent generically mapped to the new UNO reference "com::sun::star::uno::EnvReference".

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