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Below are some notes I've taken regarding To Do items, mainly based on the SMP and the existing To Do list. This will need to be incorporated into whatever page I create on the project.

  1. Identify which OS'es have 10% market share and whether OOo is available for them.
  2. Identify any languages where OOo is used by 10% of users. Not sure how this would be determined.
  3. Identify 1 hour local wages in different regions. Supposed to be available to 90% of users for this much (includes access costs)
  4. List of Linux distros that include OOo (general purpose Linux distros)

Promotional activities targeted at users facing forced upgrade of MSO - Open your Windows to a whole new world

Promotional activities targeted at users "pirating" MSO

Promotional activities targeted at current "non-consumers"

Update materials to indicate OOo includes a database component

Develop documents/scripts for booth beings

Upcoming events LinuxWorld Conference & Expo April 3-6 Boston, MA

O'Reilly Open Source Convention July 24-28 Portland, OR

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