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20090304 Additional clarification of error messages and termonology that cannot be found using search ...

"Could not establish Internet connection to" A possible suggested choice (default is System) for a fix is: Tools-->Options-->Internet-->Proxy-->{None|System|Manual} which had zero effect on one installation and worked using the NONE choice on another. This is way to inconsistent and frustrating. If there is a list of errors, I did not find such. Search was silent on this error. BTW, the browser could access the website even though the update website could not be accessed - Why?.

"User talk" Have no clue about this term/termonology. Search provided no clue either. I suspect this is just "plein air" babble?

It would be nice to know where to send questions; especially when I might be able to give some time to help. I cannot help since I am not able to inquire about doing something since even "Help" offers no starting point though it seems to give points of appending and continuation which really did not help me, a newbie, at all. As a simple example of exasperation is the button that gives the hover explanation, "Your signature with timestamp" that simply produces a few dashes and a couple of squiggles (i.e., --JAX 21:24, 4 March 2009 (UTC) ). [... hmmmm, now I know the dashes and squiggles are some sort of placeholder and all works in the end, yea!] Bottom line is if I cannot find/get answers to my questions how can I help?

If I put this in the wrong place [... I am thinking that I am going to get yelled at now that I have found what some of the buttons do ...] and it actually displays where someone looks at it, my oops! Be kind enough to "not tell me where to go" rather, give me some choices about finding the information to resolve my delima. thank you! oh yea, where do i find any response should there be one and how am i going to know that there is a response. this is rather complicated, i think! (grin). is it possible that the addage RTFM is appropriate; however, the manual is not where i have looked? Hey, is their a training area for "newbies" that does not cause clutter in the production stuff?

Then, I suppose that once I learn a little more about this Wiki thing I will probably want to delete this stuff I am doing while I am attempting to become productive. How is an intended "delete" performed on/in a page?

Hi JAX, the OOo wiki is powered by MediaWiki and generally functions like MediaWiki, which means most of the tricks can be found at the MediaWiki Help page. HTH. --Zhangxiaofei 03:14, 6 March 2009 (UTC)
Thank you for the response. I sense that I can reply to you by doing this entry here - well, at least I hope that this is how it works until I get a chance to take a look at the training materials you have suggested. That will be done a few days from now since I have a funeral to go to out-of-town. So, once I am into Wiki, what can I do/How can I participate? Or, how do I get involved? --JAX 04:44, 6 March 2009 (UTC)
If you are interested in participating in OOo but confused about where to start with, exploring this page could be helpful. --Zhangxiaofei 08:55, 6 March 2009 (UTC)
I added some indentation to make the replies a little easier to read. MediaWiki can be... a bit puzzling at first, but once you get your head around it, it's fairly easy to use. This is the same Wiki engine as is used on Wikipedia, so it is well used, and well documented/supported as Zhangxiaofei has already stated. If you need help with the Wiki in general, you can ask here, but that of course means that people need to notice that you've posted something to your talk page.... you can also post questions to the mailing list.
To delete stuff you've added, you can simply edit the page and remove the bits you want to delete. If you want to delete an entire page, then edit the page and add the text {{delete}} anywhere in the page. This will mark the page as ready to be deleted, and those people with delete rights will review and delete the page.
As for how to get involved... what is your area of interest? You can join a specific project that interests you, or you can simply contribute here on the Wiki (editing/correcting content for example). If you want to create new content on a specific topic, I'd suggest that you join the project that relates to that content... for example if you want to work on stuff relating to the user interface, then you'd join the UX project... it you wanted to work on the documentation and user FAQs, you'd join the Doc project and so on. I hope this helps get you started. --ccornell 09:05, 6 March 2009 (UTC)

Unfortunately, a funeral put a hitch-in-my-git-along, tax season in the US is busting-my-chops as someone who prepares taxes, and then windows decides not to recognize harddrives which required an OS reload and reinstall of all software. So at the moment I am daintly dipping my toes back into OOoW.

Question, I attempted to login at with zero success to even include the New Password. Yet, the Wiki thingie sent me a note (20090306 Ccornell) pointing me here and my login worked. Am I crazy or what?
Question, I see in the Navigation pane all sorts of things. I do not notice any that would list projects (I have no clue at what I would like to do, though I am willing to get my hands dirty) and the description of what their mission and intent might be so I would know where to direct my energy and efforts. Now I just have to prioritize and take a look at the Zhangxiaofei suggestions and I might find my answer(s) there - yes?
Statement, If colons at the beginning of a line cause TAB indents, I may be starting to acquire a Wiki experience which I have intentionally avoided for a very long time.
Thanks for the {{delete}} information and how to escape meta meanings. And, if the page gets deleted because I did not understand, then I can begin again and be a little smarter when I begin to write this User talk:JAX (grin). My observation powers of what I am not seeing are improving. I now see the "Editing help."
Thats all folks (for now) YES, the colon at the beginning worked and the page was not deleted! now back to taxes (yech/yea)! --JAX 18:39, 14 March 2009 (UTC)
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