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This page describes a pilot research aimed to find the user's perception of office software suite in general and in particular. The subject of survey is the regular users without high level of the interest in IT. E.g. what does a user mean by words "I've used OpenOffice for a period of time, but then I've installed normal office suite". What is the "normality" here, etc.

The field for research is the Public Administration of Pskov region (North-West of Russia). There are about 800 workstations, third of them are with OOo.

The Program of the Research

The Problem

Every organization what conducts migration to faces with the opposition of existing users who settle down to other office suites and don't want to change their habits. To simplify the process of the migration it's useful to understand how does an ordinary user perceive his/her work with computer and what position does occupy an office suite here.

Research Design

There are 2 stages of the survey. The first one is aimed to get the general picture how OpenOffice is used in the Public Administration.

Data Collection Methods and Forms

The first stage is conducted using interviewing of experts.

The second stage is planed as quantitative questionnaire survey of the Public Administration's employees.

The Design of Sample

Data Analysis

The Results

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