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How to handle mailing lists

In general it is recommended to subscribe to the mailing list you are using for your questions as you will get possible answers as fast as possible and you also make sure that you don't miss any of them. As a subscriber of a mailing list you will also get all the other mails other users have sent to the list. So mailing lists can generate huge traffic. Keeping these mails in the intray of a mail account together with the other mails that usually arrive there can lead to confusion. It is better to move all mails you get from a mailing list to a particular folder. This is what most mail applications call a "filter". Here's a description how this can be done easily.

Mozilla Thunderbird

First you must create the folder you want to use as a target for the filter. In Thunderbird you can either do this in the hierarchy of your mail account or in the hierarchy of "Local Folders". Select either of them and call "New folder" from the context menu:


Give the folder a name of your choice, e.g. for mails from

Now you can create the filter. Go to the "Tools" menu and call "Message Filter". In the dialog that starts now press the "New..." button. This will open another dialog where you can create your filter. To redirect all messages sent to the "" list you can use the settings shown below. For other lists the corresponding settings apply.


Now each time you receive a mail for the list Thunderbird will automatically move it to the "" folder placed in "Local Folders". If you already have some mails from the list in your intray you can run the filter manually from the filters dialog.

Other mail clients

If you want to add the corresponding description for your own mail application please feel invited to do so. Get an account for this wiki and add it here!

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