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File Open/Save/Insert Dialogs

OOo provides own file open, save and insert dialogs. Those dialogs are available on all platforms. These dialogs allow OOo to load/save files using different protocols like WebDav. This does not work with system dialogs due to limitations of these dialogs.

Version 1

First version will focus on 'Places'. Places are always shown and could be vertically resized.

Open Dialog S1.png

  • Places
    • List of places (not hierarchical):
      • Desktop
      • Recent Places
      • Documents ('Home' on Linux?)
      • Templates
      • Computer ('System' on Linux?)
      • Sample Documents
    • Icons are taken from the system.
    • Add own places via context menu.
    • Remove own places via context menu.
    • Split window to resize 'Places' area.
  • Back button to go back to previous place/directory.
  • General User Interface
    • Decreased spacing above and below path/back, up one level, new folder buttons.
    • Fixed alignment issues within current dialog. (DDLBs and Open, Cancel, Save buttons.)
    • Removed ':' in labels.
    • Increase vertical spacing between files and folders.
  • Dialog itself is resizeable. Initial size 700*445

Open Dialog S1 size.png



Places Context Menu: - Shown for user created places only.

  • Add Current Location...
  • -------------
  • Rename
  • Remove
TBD: Do we need 'Add place' here?


File Context Menu:

  • Open
  • -------------------
  • Rename - Activates inline renaming.
  • Delete
TBD: Add to Places also for files?

Folder Context Menu:

  • Open
  • -------------------
  • Add to Places...

Newplace.png or Newplace2.png

  • Rename
  • Delete
TBD: Do we want to show the location path?


  • 'Back' - Returns to previous place.
  • 'Up One Level' - Goes up one level from current folder.
  • 'New Folder' - Creates a new folder in current folder.
  • 'Open'- Opens a selected folder or file.
  • 'Cancel' - Closes dialog.
  • 'Help' - Calls help system.

File/Folder Context Menu

  • New Folder...


  • Rename - Activates inline renaming.

Open Issues

  • Preview for insert dialog.

Future Versions Backlog

File Open

  • Buttons
    • Back button with history
    • Organize
      • Rename
      • Delete
      • Cut/Copy/Paste
      • ...
  • View Options
    • List view
    • Thumbnails
    • Preview on/off
    • Places on/off
  • Places
    • Dynamic button height to get larger buttons, in case of only a few places are shown. (easier to hit)
    • Content:
      • Recent documents (complete list)
      • Recent places (?)
      • Plus additional ones (i.e. configured by extensions)
  • Find/Filter
  • Shared/Opened/etc.
  • Grid
    • Add columns

Without Preview

OwnFileOpen no preview.png

With Preview


Small Version (Scaled)

Dialog can be scaled down to 600*400 pixel. Places can be hidden.

OwnFileOpen small.png

File Save

OwnFile Save.png

Insert File

Same dialog as shown in 'Open' section, with 'Insert' instead of open button.

Insert Picture

OwnInsert Picture.png

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