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This page lists all User Experience activities and projects, and points to all feature specifications. The UX team has contributed to each of them as the user experience part is mandatory for every iTeam working on a new feature. So a main part of the User Experience Team work is done inside these specifications. Feedback is always welcome! Send your feedback to the iTeam lead and/or UX representative stated in a specification or use the UX discuss mailing list to post your feedback.

Current Activities

The current section list all currently running/or recent work on specifications and proposals.

All Applications

Redesign office start-up process

Improving OOo Default Settings


Short/Mid-Term Planning

The new quarterly review process allows to concentrate our efforts on the most important issues for Calc.

Latest Features


Thinning out the OOo Impress User Interface

Mid-Term UX Activites

  • The Renaissance project: “Create a User Interface so that becomes the users' choice not only out of need, but also out of desire”.

Long-Term UX Activities

Make OOo the desired productivity application

Further Proposals Feature Specifications

Specification Template: The specification template can be downloaded from here: You can also create a specification based on the wiki template.

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