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This page provides information for the administration of the User Experience project, especially for the team leads. The information is collected for various reasons, e.g. improving transparency in project decisions or acting as a knowledge base for current and future project leads.

Communication on the Mailing Lists

  • If emails are sent from non-registered users to the UX mailing lists, then the emails will be published on the UX mailing list (non-registered user: user's email-address is not subscribed to UX mailing list). The mails will be manually administered by the UX mailing list administrators. (Request, Decision)
  • Information may be presented to the UX team on a regular basis, e.g. a quarterly email to the UX mailing lists containing open topics or administrative reminders. If there is more urgent information, then the UX team is fine with an information email at any time. (Request, Decision) If there are any decisions to be made by the UX team, then two weeks should be enough for collecting the votes.

Registration of new UX Team Members

To become a UX team member it is necessary to register on the collaboration platform CollabNet and to request membership in the UX project (membership: observer role). Besides that, the UX project proposes additional steps to provide information about the user and to get in contact.

Documentation on „How To Join“

The wiki page How To Join comprises the information about how to get an UX team member.

Feedback Email to New Members

The following text describes an email which is sent to the new UX team members. The email is sent by the UX administrator who approves the request for membership. It is sent directly after the approval to the requesting user (addressee: 'username' and added '').


  • Encourage users to finish the procedure on “How To Join”. (Giving early feedback is always good.)
  • Inform the user about the existence of the procedure “How To Join”. (Users may know from other projects how to request a membership in CollabNet. But they may be not aware of the UX specific procedure “How To Join”.)

Constraints / Content:

  • The system CollabNet does not support automatically generated emails after approval. The UX administrators have to send this email manually.
  • The wording should be friendly and cooperative.
  • The impression of getting “spam” or unwanted information should be avoided.
  • Feedback will not be directly offered, because ...
    • the email is sent from the personal email address from the UX administrator(s). People may just ask by replying to that email adress.
    • help is offered at the wiki page containing the “How To Join” information. That page refers to the corresponding UX mailing lists.
  • The UX email signature “core values” described at External Communication is used.

Email subject:

Welcome! User Experience Team Membership.

Email body:


Thank you for your interest in the User Experience project. Your request for an User Experience team membership has been approved.

Being a new member in our administrative system means that you've done the "Start by Becoming a Formal Member" in our procedure "How To Join" (link below). To finalize your team membership, please continue with the next step in our recommended procedure.

If you currently don't know what we are talking about, then please have a look at the information "How To Join" (link below). There you will find information on how to register and how to get in contact with us. Thanks a lot!

How To Join:

See you later,

The User Experience Project Administrators

The fine print: Please note that this email has been sent manually from one of our User Experience Project administrators. You get this mail because you requested a membership in the User Experience team. This email is not part of a newsletter or any other information you will receive regularly.

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