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Why Paperless

Why will the paper format be replaced with eFormats?

There are many reasons why the paper document format is going to be replaced by eDocuments. These reasons will be briefly mentioned below.


There is an opposite relationship between the safety and robustness of electronic archives and the need for paper-backups.

Currently, electronic backups are substantially safer compared to those 10 years ago, and this safety is likely to increase in the future, especially in high end settings (governments, other archiving sites). Also, open document formats/standards will contribute to the robustness of the stored data.

The redundancy of data on the internet will make publicly available data quite safe, being stored in dozens of copies all over the world.

Ecological Data

Using paper might be undesired due to direct costs as well as ecological consequences. As everything becomes more greener, so will the ecological arguments gain momentum. The argument to preserve the biosphere/forests will become more important in the future. Mounting pressure on businesses will make eSolutions the favoured approach.


eDocuments are surely easier to search and store than classical paper and might offer a wide variety of additional functionality (tagging, hierarchical organization, many other possibilities).

Content Advantages

The content of an eDocument can store significant amounts of metadata non-existent in printed documents as well as offer dynamic content and various functionality enhancements not possible with classical documents.

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