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Viktor Nagornyy

20 years old. Born in Ukraine. Live in Virginia Beach.

Full-time in the U.S. Navy.
Full-time entrepreneur.
Part-time freelance photographer and creative professional.

Graduated James Madison High School in ’05.
Currently attending Academy of Art University: Photography major.

Professional Photographers of America
National Association of Photoshop Professionals
Student Photographic Society

Photography, Photoshop, Writing, Blogging, Thinking, Marketing, Branding, Identity, Entrepreneurship, and Business

Rich Dad's Guide To Investing

Favorite Magazines:
Professional Photographer, Photoshop User, National Geographic, Maxim, Men’s Health, Best Life, Stuff for Men, DSLR User, American Photo, PDN, Entrepreneur, Times.

1. Images used at as electronic greeting cards.
2. In early March 2007 an image was shown in Musee de l’Elysee’s exhibit “We are all photographers now!” in Lausanne, Switzerland.
3. Stock photography portfolio on
4. Worked with Jadore, Inc. while they were located in VA.

Barnes and Noble with ice-cold Starbucks Frappuccino Vanilla.

Artist’s Statement:
My vision is life. I try to capture moments not only created during a photo shoot but also those precious unexpected moments that each one of us has. When I hold the camera it is my only eye, it is my only feeling - I see and feel through the lens. I see is what I feel, and I feel is what I shoot. Every image bears piece of me inside. The EXIF data of every image has my soul. It is hidden underneath all those layers, so minuscule - yet it engulfs the whole image.
Every photographer is a visionary - seeing the world as it changes, feeling the world with the smoothness of their glass, touching the hearts with their shutters, and illuminating the darkness of the future with the flashes.

I’m a visionary. I’m a photographer. I’m Viktor Nagornyy.

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