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Follow-up Issues and Actions

Activities on this page are now closed. Any further work on these follow-up Issues will now be carried out in the context of the phpBB 3.0.7 migration.

I have included the list of open issues in alphabetic order below. For closed issues see Closed Issues and Actions. My current intent is now to defer any further work to the phpBB3.0.5 Migration

Automated Unactivated Users Prune

This is another batch script that I have still in development. It automates a tedious twice weekly task. Low priority until the issues which are impacting the NL Administrators are sorted.

Automated Backup

I had a set of scripts that ran as a cron job for the old server with the PostgresSQL D/B, but I turned these off when I moved to MySQL and we decommissioned using the OUCV server as a second site. I have a script which I use manually about once per week (on top of standard Solaris backups), but I would prefer to have a nightly dump.

Write up phpBB 3.0.5 configuration

I have decided to do this in the phpBB wiki because this will be of more interest to phpBB admins rather than OOo Volunteers and NL Admins. I will post the link here when I've done it.

Forum Permissions and Access

I am an admin on all forums and should therefore have edit access to all forums. If I go into the ACP->Manage Groups->Group Forum Permissions and check, the Admin group has full permission on all forums. However in some forums, e.g. es and fr, I don't have edit edit access to topics but I do on some such as en. I haven't bottomed out what the difference is yet. The relevant code fragment from viewtopic.php (prettied for readability) is:

  'U_EDIT'       => (!$user->data['is_registered']) ?  : 
                       ( ( ( $user->data['user_id'] == $poster_id && 
                             $auth->acl_get('f_edit', $forum_id) && 
                             ( $row['post_time'] > time() - ( $config['edit_time'] * 60 ) || 
                           ) || $auth->acl_get('m_edit', $forum_id)
                         ) ? append_sid("{$phpbb_root_path}posting.$phpEx", 
                                        "mode=edit&f=$forum_id&p={$row['post_id']}") :

that is for other than the O/P, acl_get must return the m_edit privilege for that forum.

Until I can work this one out the work around is to pick a moderator and test his permissions. Alternatively you need to be explicitly placed in a Moderator Group. Admins by default don't seem to inherit all moderator rights.

After some debate with the NL administrators, I've downloaded and rebaselined to the latest 3.0.5 NL packs for all supported languages.

Retiring Custom Fields

This functionality has been moved into the standard signature format, but I've got about 800 accounts across three forums where I need to move this data into the signatures before I can switch this off.

Standardising Forum Configurations

With 9 forums any degree of divergence can cause problems on upgrade and through-life maintenance, so we need to standardise where possible. I am not talking about language packs or basic forum structure but things like the extra BBcodes, permissible file extensions for upload, etc.. If they make sense in one OOo forum then they should be in all.

RSS Feed

A number of the power users on the fr forum used the previous RSS feed. This functionality has been temporarily dropped and needs reinstituted. The current implementation adopts the Simple RSS mod for phpBB3. However, this mod has significant limitations that I can't ignore. Most importantly it bypasses the phpBB access control system, allowing unregistered users to browse closed forums.

I need to discuss this further with the fr proponents of this mod.

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