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OOo Marketing Project

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Strategic Marketing Plan Pages:



My week off from school is now over. I think I accomplished a lot, in terms of organizing the wiki, and putting out a few flames.

If I am lucky, I will not have anything to do with this project until the school year is over, instead focusing on passing my courses.

- RG>

Primary Goal: "University Edition"

My eventual goal is to get my university to switch to OOo. This is a big thing.

Here are the steps that I'm working on:

1. Collect arguments for using OOo and organize them (on a wiki page, somewhere in the Marketing section here)

  • Benefits of OOo in general
  • Disadvantages of MSO in general
  • Benefits and disadvantages, above, in specific case of Universities
  • Rebuttals of arguments against

2. Learn about specific roadblocks for achieving my goal at my University

3. Gain accpetance of OOo at the university:

  • Appeal to students and professors to download and use it
  • Appeal to student union to support and distribute OOo CDs
  • Must find a local distributor
  • Try to get University to get OOo installed side-by-side with MSO


I am currently still in the very first steps. I wanted to join the Marketing project officially, but there's something wrong with my browser or the web login software, so I'm diving in right here.

Other tasks

I'm going to have to clean up the ugly organizing system used by the Marketing section. I'll create a template that will make for less work when creating a new Marketing page.

I use wikis almost exclusively for project development, even though I'm usually the only one working on them. I'm very familiar with the user (and moderator) side of MediaWiki software, so I'll definitely be able to help when it comes to cleaning up and sorting things properly on this wiki.


I'd appreciate it if you contated me through the "E-mail this user" link on the left, through an OpenOffice Forum Private Message (must be registered), or through my Wikipedia user page.

I am currently using a pseudonym; I use "RealGrouchy" in most places online. However, there is some sensitive information attached to this pseudonym that I have to remove before I formally attach my real name to it.

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