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Short Self-introduction

It is my first job to work with OOo after my graduate. I major in Electronic and Information technology in university. And I prefer computer science, then I chose to work on it. I like the feeling of contribution and work with other volunteers over the world. And it is cool that I can learn much here.
I have only a little experiences on soft project during study, but I like the challenge of learn something in another completely new field. I want to be an expert on C++, and I am finding my way to make it to be true.
As many chinese girls, I am moden, meanwhile, traditional. I like delicious food, by the way, I am a good cooker. ^_^ I love tea and black coffee. And I like to stay with my family in holiday season, it is great. As I am living far away from home, I'd like to stay with my friends in my leisure time.
As to my hobby, I like travel very much, and I have a journey at lease once every year. By the way, I think China is very beautiful, and welcome to China! I would like to visit europe sometime later, if it is possible. ^_^ I like different kinds of music, but my favorite is classic music. And Ballet is as beautiful as Beijing Opera in my mind. Reading books is a part of my life. Besides books on specialty, I like to read poem. I have read some of Shakespeare William's plays in Chinese. And I am planing to reading english version then. I have tried two years ago, but for my limited english, I have failed. Then I will restart it again. :)

Work Experiences on OOo

Work Ongoing

Have worked

    • Fixing Bugs in SD.
    • Release
    • Automatic Test.

Have studyed on

    • Clear Separation of C and C++ Uno -- hold on.


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