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Hullo all,

My name is Nik, I'm a 27 year old bloke based in Sydney, Australia. I currently work as the Webmaster of my Faculty (Architecture, Design and Planning, at the University of Sydney) while concurrently completing a PhD in Interface Design. I have previous experience in Applications Interface Design, Desktop publishing and in Web Design and Dev. I give back to OOo because it was kind to me when I was a poor University student, and the only thing I know how to give is Graphics =)


I haven't contributed much "officially accepted" work yet =( but that hasn't stopped me from chipping in a few Wallpapers, Business Cards, Signs, Shirts, Icons, the Marketing site, Banners and my first passion, logo proposals. Most can still be found at (a free website, that I really should migrate). I'm happy to work on whatever as long as there is time and more than happy to take requests.

Work in progress

I just whipped up the following to illustrate my idea for OOo icons. Very rough and unfinished;
Hastily made gull + Not proper ODF font or logo + Drop shadow not scaled properly.
Nevertheless, let me know what you think =)
OOo iconwork.jpg

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