Base Tutorial: Creating a Database

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Working Title: "Base Tutorial: Creating a database"
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In this tutorial we are trying to make you familiar working with OOo Base. For this purpose we will create a database for scheduling appointments. In detail, we will

  • create tables which persistently preserve the data
  • create forms to enter and edit the appointments
  • filter certain appointments from our data pool
  • generate appointment lists using reports

Step 1: Creating the Database File

  • In the start center, under "Create new document", click on the button Database
  • Or: in the main menu, click on File > New > Database

In the first step of the Database Wizard, activate "Create a new database" and click Next.

Create new database with the wizard

In the second step choose "Yes, register the database for me" and "Open the database for editing". Click on Finish.

Database Wizard - Step 2: Registration of the database

Chose a nice database name like scheduler and an appropriate folder.

Save your scheduler database file

The man database window will open:

OOo Base - Main Window

Now, we can create the database elements needed for the scheduler.

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