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OOo Wiki Contribution Rules

Topic Hints Examples
  • Be constructive! Think of the problem - and think of it's solution!
  • But think of the reader, too!
  • Don't hesitate! Better write down something quickly than thinking too much and forgetting to write it down. Put drafts into your userspace (see below).
  • Be open to (early or late) changes to your contribution; don't blame others, think of the best solution to the problem
  • If nobody contributes, maybe it's good; if myriads of people change your contribution, it might be better
  • The real measure of a page is the number of page accesses shown at the bottom. To get a higher number of accesses add relevant links to your content and add categories!
Creating Pages
  • when doing drafts, do those on your User-page. Use it as your sandbox. see for example User:B_michaelsen, esp. the staging area. You are not required to add tight categories and context links on your userpage.
  • Think hard about the title of the page, its very important for search. Avoid Typos in the title!
  • You should make the content easy to find.
  • Embed your contribution into existing content
    Link to your page from as many related pages as possible to provide the needed context and to prevent duplication.
Deleting Pages
  • To delete a page (because it is spam or outdated), replace its content with {{delete}}
Links & URLs
  • Always use Wiki-Links or InterWiki-Links when possible
    Dont use HTTP links, when Wiki-Links or InterWiki-Links are possible. HTTP links do not show up in "What links here" list for example, making pages orphans easily. InterWiki-Links are easy to update, if a Wiki changes its base-URL.
  • Always add new pages a existing category
    This is very important to keep the wiki maintainable. Non-english content should always be sorted in the category of the language (or one of its subcategories). If you want to create a new category, you will need to add that to an existing category too (making it a subcategory).
  • Use the available namespaces:
  • Your bio should be on your userpage. You may redirect to it from the main-namespace.
  • Categories should be described in the Category-namespace. You may redirect to those from the main-namespace.
  • Also use the Talk:-namespace to discuss pages and explain why you wrote something.
  • Never redirect to the main-namespace from the category- or the user-namespace.
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