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OOo Dev Guide Database Access

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Example: Querying the Bibliography Database
Data Sources in OOo API
Data Sources in API
The DataSource Service
Adding and Editing Predefined Queries
Runtime Settings For Predefined Queries
The SingleSelectQueryComposer
The SQLQueryComposer
Forms and Reports
Document Links
Tables and Columns
Connecting Through a DataSource
Connecting Using the DriverManager and a Database URL
Connecting Through a Specific Driver
Driver Specifics
The SDBC Driver for JDBC
The SDBC Driver for ODBC
The SDBC Driver for Adabas D
The SDBC Driver for ADO
The SDBC Driver for dBase
The SDBC Driver for Flat File Formats
The SDBC Driver for Calc Files
The SDBC Driver for address books
The SDBC Driver for embedded HSQL databases
Connection Pooling
Piggyback Connections
Manipulating the Data
Manipulating the Data
The RowSet Service
Events and Other Notifications
Clones of the RowSet Service
Creating Statements
Inserting and Updating Data
Getting Data from a Table
Result Sets
Retrieving Values from Result Sets
Moving the Result Set Cursor
Using the getXXX Methods
Scrollable Result Sets
Modifiable Result Sets
Seeing Changes in Result Sets
Using Prepared Statements
PreparedStatement From DataSource Queries
Database Design
Database Design
Using DDL to Change the Database Design
Using SDBCX to Access the Database Design
Catalog Service
Table Service
Column Service
Index Service
Key Service
View Service
Group Service
User Service
The Descriptor Pattern
Adding an Index
Creating a User
Adding a Group
Using DBMS Features
Using DBMS Features
Stored Procedures
Writing Database Drivers
Writing Database Drivers
SDBC Driver
Driver Service
Connection Service
XDatabaseMetaData Interface
Support Scalar Functions
Open Group CLI Numeric Functions
Open Group CLI String Functions
Open Group CLI Time and Date Functions
Open Group CLI System Functions
Open Group CLI Conversion Functions
Handling Unsupported Functionality
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