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Full Name: Katsuya Kobayashi ("小林勝哉")
OOo alias: kynh
My contribution: member of Marketing Project, and Marketing Project under the governance of JA Project
Nationality: Japan
Mother tongue: Japanese
Home Page: Katsuya Kobayashi's Home Page

OpenSourceWorld2009/Tokyo .org

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Study of ODF

What's new and ODF

2nd ODF Plgfest, Orvieto, Italy

  1. Presentations
    1. Consorzio SIR, Umbria(odf) (Stefano Paggetti, SIR)
    2. Open Standards and Interoperability (Roberto Galoppini, PLIO)
    3. Mapping spreadsheets(odf) (Doug Mahugh, Microsoft)
    4. The end user's role in interoperability(odf) (Rob Weir, IBM)
    5. signing ODF with Belgian eID(odf) (Bart Hanssens, Fedict)
    6. ODF-OOXML converter(odf) (Dirk Vollmar, Dialogika)
    7. Making docbook fly (Jakub Ondrusek, Comsultia)

OOoCon2009, Orvieto, Italy

  1. Presentations of ODF Truck
    1. OpenDocument (ODF): Living Open Standards(odp) Svante Schubert
    2. What is ODF-Next?(odp) Robert Weir
    3. Delivering the promise of ODF interoperability(odp) Bart Hanssens
    4. Interoperability with Microsoft Office through ODF(odp) Doug Mahugh
    5. ODF/UOF Interop:Lessons Learned in RedOffice(odp) Heng Li
    6. ODFKit: The common ODF processing library(odp) Alexandro Colorado, Inge Wallin
    7. LPOD, a library to extend ODF ecosystem(odp) Jérôme Dumonteil
    8. ODF on the Server: ODFDOM - Present, Past and Future(odp) Svante Schubert
    9. The ODF Template Engine : An easy document generation tool built with ODFDOM(odp) Ying Chun Guo
    10. Exposing ODF data to web-based mashups(odp) Robert Weir
    11. How to keep translated documents up-to-date the easy way(PDF) Robin La Fontaine, Tristan Mitchell
    12. can speak using odt2daisy !(odp) Vincent Spiewak

DII workshop, Brussels

  1. Presentations(pdf)
    1. ODF Interop Activities - Bart Hanssens
    2. Office 2010 Extensions - Doug Mahugh Markup Compatibility & Extensibility
    3. Office Document Validation - Alex Brown
    4. Office-OOo interoperability - Doug Mahugh Interoperability with Microsoft Office through ODF
    5. OOXML Validation and Document Test Library - Klaus-Peter Eckert
    6. PLANETS Conversion Tools ODF Translator - Wolfgang Keber PLANETS, Document Conversion Tools and the OpenXML/ODF Translator
    7. Signing ODF with the Belgian eID card - Bart Hanssens

ODF Specification

About Open Document Format standardization

ODF History

OASIS ODF Standard

OASIS ODF Community

ODF Explanation

Related ODF Information

ODF Interchangeability

OASIS OIC Expository Work

  • OASIS OIC Expository Work Produced by the Committee
  1. ODF 1.1 Interoperability Profile, Committee Draft 01(odf)
  2. Report: The State of Interoperability v1.0, Committee Draft 03(odf)

Related Informations

Japanese Government Policy

Standardization organization


  1. OASIS Member Tools
    1. OASIS Technical Committees Issue Tracker
    2. JIRA System Administrators
    3. Subversion OASIS Members' repositories
  2. OASIS Open Document Format for Office Applications (OpenDocument) TC
    1. office Mailing List view archives
      1. Public Review of OpenDocument v1.2
    2. office-comment Mailing List view archives
    3. opendocument-users Mailing List view archives
    4. Office Wiki
      1. Proposals for better interoperability between ISO/IEC 29500 and ISO/IEC 26300, 2009/08
    5. Find Issues Issue Navigator all
      1. ODF JIRA (ODFJIRA) on Twitter
    6. Brows Project Road Map all versions
  3. OASIS OpenDocument Format (ODF) Adoption TC
    1. odf-adoption Mailing List view archives
    2. odf-adoption-comment Mailing List view archives
    3. ODF Adoption Wiki
  4. OASIS Open Document Format Interoperability and Conformance (OIC) TC
    1. oic Mailing List view archives
    2. oic-comment Mailing List view archives
    3. OASIS ODF Interoperability and Conformance TC wiki
      1. interop advisories
    4. Find Issues Issue Navigator all
    5. Brows Project Road Map all versions
    6. WebSVN OIC


  1. SC 34 Document Repository
  2. SC 34 meetings
  3. JTC 1/SC 34/WG4 Office Open XML
    1. Convener: Dr. MURATA Makoto (Japan), Secretariat: Ecma International (designated by JISC)
    2. Terms of Reference: Maintenance of, and projects directly and exclusively related to, ISO/IEC 29500
    3. Office Open XML ML archive
    4. Twitter sc34/ooxml
  4. JTC 1/SC 34/WG5 Document Interoperability
    1. Convener: Dr. Jaeho LEE (Republic of Korea)
    2. Terms of Reference: Develop principles of, and guidelines for, interoperability among documents represented using heterogeneous ISO/IEC document file formats. The initial work includes preparation of the Technical Report on ISO/IEC 26300 / ISO/IEC 29500 translation.
  5. JTC 1/SC 34/WG6 OpenDocument Format
    1. Acting Convener: Mr. Francis CAVE (UK)
    2. Scope and Terms of Reference: All SC 34 projects and activities relating to the maintenance of ISO/IEC 26300 OpenDocument Format.Collaboration with the OASIS ODF TC in the maintenance of and other work exclusively related to ISO/IEC 26300, in accordance with the maintenance principles and procedures jointly agreed by OASIS and JTC 1 (documents N 1148 and N 1149). This includes all projects and activities related to ISO/IEC 26300 previously carried out by WG 1 and Ad Hoc Group 3.
    3. The sc34wg6 Archives
      1. Problems of ISO/IEC 26300 in handling Kihon-hanmen
  • ITSCJ JTC 1/SC 34 - Document Description and Processing Languages, Japan
  1. ITSCJ JTC 1/SC 34 Committee

World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)

  1. About W3C W3C Mission, etc.
    1. Public Newsletter
      1. Mail Archives
    2. W3C Press Releases
      1. Mail Archives
  2. Web technology status and the future 2009/2/20 OSC2009(pdf) "Web 技術の現状と将来 一色正男 Dr. Prof. 慶応義塾大学 湘南藤沢キャンパス. 政策メディア研究科 教授. W3C/Keio Site Manager." (in Japanese)
  3. Internationalization (I18n) Activity
    1. Japanese Layout Task Force(JLTF)
      1. Task Force member : Chair: Tatsuo Kobayashi (i18n Core Working Group), Staff contact: Richard Ishida (ishida at w3 dot org)
      2. Requirements for Japanese Layout "日本語組版処理の要件" (in Japanese)
  4. The Forms Working Group
    1. XForms 1.1, 2009/10/20, W3C Recommendation

Committee member

OASIS TC member list

  1. Chair: Michael Brauer Sun Microsystems, Robert Weir IBM
  1. Chair: Donald Harbison IBM
  1. Chair: Bart Hanssens Fedict - Belgian Federal Government

ISO JTC 1/SC 34 member list

  1. Chair: "大阪工業大学 小町教授"
  2. Government member: "経済産業省基準ユニット 根岸喜代春課長補佐"

Committee member web

ODF Plugin and Converter products

Sun ODF Plugin for Microsoft Office

  1. FAQ
  2. Sun ODF Plug-in 3.1 for Microsoft Office 2009/6/6 Sun System News Allows Microsoft Users to Make ODF their Default File Format
  3. Support SLA(in Japanese)
  4. Sun Software Standard Service Plan(in Japanese)
  5. Sun Software Service Plans(in Japanese)
  6. Sun Service(in Japanese)

OpenXML/ODF Translator Add-ins for Office



  1. OpenDocument Viewer FAQ
  2. Recommendation by Lars Nooden <>, 2009/12/11


ODF Solutions and Marketing

ODF toolkit

  1. How to treat the ODF document by Java program with ODFDOM? (in Japanese)
    1. Part1 Part2
  2. Output environment of XML(in Japanese)
  3. How to make and management of document that uses ODF?(PDF,859kb,in Japanese)

ODF Solutions

ODF Social Promotion Best practice at Aizuwakamatsu City, Japan

  1. Aizu Wakamatsu City Spread and enlightening activity(in Japanese)
  2. Aizu Wakamatsu City ODF Enlightenment logo(pdf)(in Japanese)
  3. Aizu Wakamatsu City CD-ROM distribution(in Japanese)

  1. Moodle Add Icons indicating files in the OpenDocument format
  2. Specify OpenDocument icon(s) in Apache2 configuration (Ubuntu (Kubuntu/Xubuntu/Edubuntu)) Status

Oracle's Public Policy Community Key Persons

  1. Homepage
  2. Blogs
  3. onother Blogs
  1. Profile
  2. Blogs
  3. Twitter

Sun's G11n team

Key Architecture Projects

  1. Lead: Michael Brauer, Co-Lead: Svante Schubert
  2. ML archive
  3. ML archive
  4. XML Project wiki
  5. Office Open XML of wiki
    1. Ecma-376
    2. Office Open XML Import Filter for Spreadsheets 2007/2/6 Daniel Rentz, Sun

  1. Lead: Carsten Driesner Co-Lead: Mathias Bauer
  2. ML archive
  3. ML archive
  4. Framework Project Wiki
  5. Functional Overview(fig) Roadmaps

  1. Project Renaissance Status Update for November/December,2009/12/07,by Frank Loehmann
  2. Find all Project Renaissance related news Features

  1. comment list 1
  2. comment list 2 Marketing Facts

Sun Microsystems, Inc. Derived products

  1. StarOffice 9 Interoperability and Standards wiki
  2. StarOffice 9 Getting Started Guide(in Japanese)
  3. documents for StarOffice 9 Software

IBM Derived products

Microsoft Office Status

Microsoft Marketing Strategy

  • What is the marketing strategy of Microsoft Office 2010? (in Japanese)
  • Marketing strategy that supports success of Windows 7 (in Japanese)

Microsoft General Interoprability Initiatives

Microsoft Document Interop Initiative

  1. "Microsoft Takes Concrete Steps to Foster Interoperability Among File Formats 2008/12/22 Microsoft"(in Japanese) (in English)
    1. Microsoft's file format perestroika Charles Cooper(CNET 2008/12/17(in Japanese) (in English)
  2. Office Open XML (ECMA-376 1st Edition) Implementer Notes 2009/1/16 DII,Microsoft ECMA-376 specification
  3. ODF 1.1 Implementer Notes for Office 2007 SP2 2008/12/15 DII,Microsoft OASIS ODF 1.1 specification
    1. QA : Microsoft Publishes Implementation Notes for File Formats in Office 2007 2008/12/08 by Doug Mahugh, Microsoft
  4. Guiding Principles for Office’s ODF Implementation DII,Microsoft ODF threads of MSDN interoperability forum Microsoft

Microsoft Office Interoparability Report

Microsoft OOXML Technology

Novell and Microsoft Partnership

  1. Microsoft and Novell Technical Interoperability Update 2009/11/09 By Jose Thomas, Micorosoft
    1. OpenXML/ODF Translator as bi-directional translators for Office Format Compatibility with Novell
    2. Press : Novell Boosts and Microsoft Office Interoperability 2006/12/04 Novell

White Papers

Other Doucument Format

Related Standards

XML Character

Study of Community Governance

What's new Community Governance

Purpose of this study

OSS Strategy Licenses

  1. GNU Lesser General Public License v3 (LGPL) (Effective with 3.0 Beta)
    1. GNU LGPLv3 Japanese reference(in Japanese)
  2. Public Document License (PDL) Version 1.0
    1. PUBLIC DOCUMENTATION LICENSE Version 1.0 Japanese reference(in Japanese)
    2. Licenses FAQ PDL
    3. Public Documentation License (PDL) FAQ Version 1.1(in Japanese) (OpenSolaris Project jp: FAQ Center referenece)
  3. In some cases, we also permit the use of the Creative Commons Attribution License ("Attribution-NoDerivs 2.5") (Japanese reference) Wiki Authors licensing declaration

  1. Public Documentation License 1.0 or later (PDL)
    1. PUBLIC DOCUMENTATION LICENSE Version 1.0 Japanese reference(in Japanese)
  2. Creative Common Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 license (CC-BY-SA)
    1. Creative Common Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 license (CC-BY-SA) Japanese reference(in Japanese)
  3. GNU Free Documentation License 1.2 or later (GNU FDL)
    1. GNU Free Documentation License 1.2 Japanese reference(in Japanese)
  4. GNU Lesser General Public License 3 or later (GNU LGPL)
    1. GNU Lesser General Public License 3.0 Japnese reference(in Japanese) Community Forum WebsiteTerms of Use

  1. This Site and its contents are made available by Sun Microsystems, Inc. ("Sun"), CollabNet, Inc. and/or O'Reilly & Associates.

For Reference: Other OSS Community Governance


Sun Microsystems, Inc. Contributor Agreement

  1. This document is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License (Japanese reference)

Sun Microsystems, Inc. Contributor Agreement (Including Exception)

My View Point of SCA

  1. Guidelines for Participating in
  2. Exempted Contributions Guidelines for Unbundled Extensions
  3. FAQs
  2. How does the Sun Contributor Agreement differ from prior ones?
     The new Sun Microsystems Inc. Contributor Agreement (SCA) for contains an addendum that excludes non-core contributions, like extensions and documentation, from the joint copyright assignment, provided that these components are not intended to be included in the product that can be downloaded from The new agreement also protects against patent misuse and abuse and thus works with the LGPL v3 to ensure a more stable open source community.
     The SCA further provides for stronger patent protection and includes an exception for extensions and documentation not present in prior agreements.
 13.  How are extensions affected by the new agreement and license?
     The SCA's exemption for non-core contributions, inclding extensions, means that contributors can create and post extensions to the project site as they do now without having to assign copyright unless those extensions are to be included in the product.
     The LGPL v3 operates as earlier versions and unless the extension ties into the product's libraries, it is not affected by the actual license; aggregation, bundling, and other such packaging do not affect an extension's own license.
  • My thanks, on 27 Oct 2009.
  • My confirmation to some colleagues, from 07 Jan to 01 Feb 2010.
  • I submit a signed and filled-out copy of the Sun Microsystems Inc. Contributor Agreement (SCA) (Including Exception), scan a signed original and email to Copyrightfax at, on 01 Feb 2010.
  • Issue 108812 to confirm activation to Stefan Taxhet, on 01 Feb 2010.
  • Louis's warning to delay, on 01 Feb 2010.
  • My response, on 02 Feb 2010.
  • Stefan Taxhet's note, [dev How is SCA after Oracle], on 29 Jun 2010
  • My ping, on 30 June 2010.
  • Maho's ping, on 07 Juky 2010.
  • Issue 108812 has closed on 07 July 2010.

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