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Fixing rotated text problem

The task was defined here. The problem was that the text is not defined as text in pdf way but is a set of lines and curves. The problem occurred when a narrow object was going to be displayed (like letters). By narrow object I mean objects that posses edges close to each others. Then the internal area is very small, or doesn't exist at all so filling doesn't work (is not visible). The solution was to add borders when objects appear to small. I introduced accuracy rate that is the internal area value. When its value is smaller than threshold we add borders to make object visible. Obviously the problem may occur for big objects that are narrow as well. But there is no way to solve all possible problems that may appear and the solution I described should be sufficient most of cases. The best way to handle with the problem would be to change the way objects are displayed by Draw. Now, as we can observe for the text contained in given pdf, internal area of the text is obscured by edges that are not displayed at all. We were able to see edges when we turned on edges in draw. Now edges will be displayed for this kind of objects.


One of two following thing should be done in the future

  1. Add dialog window to ask user for accuracy.
  2. Change the way of displaying objects.
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