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About us

Good-Day, Inc located in Osaka/Japan is a company that develop and support Open Source Software.

If you have a any questions , please send your questions to

  • Address:Osaka City Kita ward Umeda 1-2-2-1300 Osaka Ekimae 2nd Building 13th Floor Osaka 530-0001 Japan
  • Phone : +81 6 4796 6670
  • Fax: +81 6 4796 7373
  • Web:

Our Core Member

Name OOoAlias Mail Position
Seiya Maeda Lead

Project Manager of Application Sub Committee in the OSS Promotion Forum

Enoki Sinji enoki enoki at Quality Assurance Lead and Trainer Release QA manager in Japanese Native-Lang Project
Haruyo Morikawa morikawa_haruyo Specialist of Macro
Kazuhiro NISHIYAMA znz Developer
Makoto Takizawa foral takizawa at Release and Localization Engineer Co-Coordinator of Marketing Project in Japanese Native-Lang Project

History with

  • 2009 - Start “OOo JSP joint trial use ” with member companies of the Japan OSS Promotion Forum.
  • 2009 : Provided OOo 3.1.1 Japanese Special Edition(OOo3.1.1 JSP) to Enterprise user.
  • 2009 : Published “Open Guide for 3”
    • ISBN978-4798119427
    • Published by Shoeisha
  • 2008 - Seiya work as Project Manager of Application Sub Committee in the OSS Promotion Forum
  • 2006 : Seagull Search 2006 Project - Creation of development specification proposals regarding for Japanese users(Press Release,Project Site)
  • 2005 : We have supported over 5 enterprise customer.
  • 2005 : Published “Open Guide for 2”
    • ISBN4-86010-123-5
    • Published by Good-day,Inc
  • 2004 - Promote OOo code analysis project in Osaka
    For prepare development base of OOo in Japan, and develop a new business to support users who use OOo in Japanese environment.
  • 2004 - Start Enterprise Support Program
  • 2003 : Support the OSS Desktop migration examination project(Press Release(ja),Project Site(ja))
  • 2002 - Joint to Community

Our Server

About OOo Japanese Special Edition Japanese Special Edition(CD) provide by Good-day inc.

We really appliciated to all of community member . We can not make it if you did not work. There has with some extension include "Default Settings For Japanese" and Fonts, Template witch Japanese enterprise user need or better to use. Also we maintenance/translate/write some document which on the wiki and putted into this disk.

If you are interested in this. You can download from here.

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