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  • Name: Takashi Nakamoto
  • OOo alias: bluedwarf
  • Email:
  • Hometown: Chiba, Japan
  • Residence: Kyoto, Japan
  • Working on:
  • Past contribution:
  • Past contribution outside community:
    • Writing articles about for books and magazines
      • 短期連載「OpenOffice.org操縦術」 (日経Linux 2004.10~2005.4)
      • 「オープンガイドブック 2.0」 共著(9章)
      • 特集 「OpenOffice.orgで実現! 次世代オフィススイート活用法」 (Software Design 2006.5)
      • 「 2.0 オフィシャルユーザーズガイド」 マクロの章を担当
      • Linuxレポート「『 2.3』が登場」 (日経Linux 2007.11)
      • 「オープンガイドブック 3.0」 監修
    • Seminors in some open source events.

My note

  • User:Bluedwarf/Asian Phonetic Guide
  • Commands of WinGdb
    • Call stacks
      • k: Display call stack
      • kp: Display call stack with full parameters for each function called
      • kb: Display call stack with the first three parameters passed to each function
      • kM: Display call stack in DML format, where frame numbers link to a .frame/dv command which displays locals for the frame
    • Memory handling
      • d: Display memory in the specified address.
      • da: Display memory in the specified address as ASCII string.
      • du: Display memory in the specified address as Unicode string.
      • dt: Display information about the specified local variable, function, parameter, global or data type.
      • dv: Display local variables
    • Break points
      • bl: Display breakpoint list
      • bp: Set breakpoint
      • bc: Clear a breakpoint. The number shown by "bl" command should be specified.
      • ba: Set a breakpoint which stops the program when the specified memory address is accessed.
    • C++ evaluation
      •  ?? (expr): Evaluate the specified C++ statement.
      •  ?? $!symbol: Evaluate the specified local symbol.
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