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My name is William Case although I am usually known as Bill.
My email address is
My system is a dual boot WindowsXP and linux Fedora8 on a AMD Athlon 64 x2.
I was born in 1943 and am now retired.

I have used computers for 30 years, but always as a user, never in a tech capacity until three years ago when I loaded RedHat 7 and OpenOffice for the first time. From then on I have discovered an entirely new world. And, I have been enjoying learning about how computers and applications work ever since.

My work history is too long and varied to list here. Suffice it to say, I have always worked for myself creating and writing Strategic Communications Plans and/or Business Plans. My client list includes over 50 small companies, large companies, non-governmental agencies, volunteer and special interest groups and government agencies. My work usually involved doing a thorough analysis of each one of my clients and recommending how to best raise capital and/or how best to communicate with their own client groups, employees and members; other companies; and/or, government.

In order to service these clients, up to three years ago, my computer experience was limited to programs like Lotus 1-2-3, WordPerfect, Word and Excel, including their various macro languages.

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