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branchwatch extension

The branchwatch extension is an extension for the Mercurial SCM that collects data about all the feature branches (ChildWorkSpaces) in development. It extracts all information only from the repository itself. Once it is stable, it could make the annoying administrative overhead of keeping data about branches up-to-date in external tools like EIS superficial -- at least for the time of active development (i.e. before 'Ready for QA').


Download the extension from File:Branchwatch.bz2, bunzip it and put it somewhere in your filesystem, for example at ~/.hgext/branchwatch. Then enable the extension by adding this:

branchwatch = ~/.hgext/branchwatch

either to your ~/.hgrc or to $REPO/.hg/hgrc (when you want to use the extension only in one repository).


Clone the master repository ( and pull in all open feature branch repositories (*). Then execute:

hg branchwatch-update

and then please keep still and only watchen astaunished the blinkenlights ...

example output

This is the example output of an integrated feature branch:

feature branch: l10ntooling18
by: Ivo Hinkelmann <>, obo <>
started on: DEV300_m53
resynced to: DEV300_m79, DEV300_m82, DEV300_m80, DEV300_m75
integrated in: DEV300_m83
5 issues: #i109622#, #i110687#, #i109378#, #i110810#, #i110394#
16 changesets: d4e30bd655ac, badc3ee0afb4, e9639164c164, d53c93405171, fbb5b7a411ef, ab9c7fd3b953, ae7b0b7568fe, 8f0b641aa8e6, 86e219079a1a, 05d4e8010fa3, 0b1912bc7adb, 45a144a897e9, 877d412b72b0, 8de61c88a3cb, 2194fdf36c1d, b7991d64c418
311 modified files: .hgtags automation/source/server/statemnt.cxx ...
1 added files: solenv/bin/gsicheck
1 removed files: default_images/sw/res/writerteam.png

This is the example output of an open feature branch:

feature branch: ause_time2(a02073db047d)
by: Hans-Joachim Lankenau <>, hjs
started on: DEV300_m50
resynced to: DEV300_m62
integrated in: 
0 issues: 
3 changesets: b7b791fe83bd, 7b1a9b8f9504, a02073db047d
16 modified files: reportbuilder/prj/build.lst setup_native/prj/build.lst ...
0 added files: 
0 removed files:

caveat emptor

Documentation caution.png The extension is currently only a proof-of-concept. It will likely steal your money and eat your kitteh.

related software

see also the branchmirror extension


The basics seem to be working reliably. Open todos are:

  • The extension might need some performance tuning and code cleanup.
  • More documentation (yuck!)
  • In the end, I hope to be able to dump the data to json-files, so that there can be an easy to use webfrontend using dojo for it (integrated with hg web).
  • Trial-merges of open feature branches with the current top milestone to find out upcoming merge conflicts early should be integrated.
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