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My name is Armin Le Grand, I live in Hamburg, Germany, which is a nice place in summer time when the weather is good. If we have the good known 'sub-optimal' weather, there is always some time to spend on things You can do inside, e.g. programming :-)

I am working on StarOffice/ full time since I joined StarDivision in July 1996. I started one year with StarMoney, but quickly moved over to the graphics stuff which is my passion. I worked on Impress for some years and became quickly responsible for the DrawingLayer.

I did the first 3D engine (3rd generation of it now active), UI and interaction stuff, dialogs, functional extensions and so on. I'm also responsible for binfilter which removed the binary streaming from the graphics core and allowed to make bigger changes to the cores at all.

Besides features/bugfixes I did a lot of cleanups, bigger and smaller ones. Examples are the first transition step/refactoring of the DrawingLayer to some more modern state (Primitives, see which enabled AntiAliasing, better interactions (all with preview), enhanced text cursors, flicker-free visualisations in all apps and opened more possibilities for the future of the code/project.

I'm in the middle for the next big refactoring for DrawingLayer, the change of the core to double precision and transformations. This includes model, view and controller changes, adaptions of all DrawingLayer users (11 currently) and more common cleanups, removals and simplifications. This is currently in CWS aw080 which is migrated as branch to apache SVN. We are talking about work in progress for a year already, a diff with 340.000 lines and over 3.300 files changed (see SVN data for the branch yourself if interested in details). It will take some more time to finish that, but it would be too sad to lose the option for more speed, better precision and easier handling for the graphic objects.


I have now entered a new job position which will allow me to work on AOO full time, as an IBM employee. I'm looking forward to take this chance to move the DrawingLayer to where it needs to go, it's not finished yet...

So, for DrawingLayer questions feel free to ask for background information. For tasks concerning DrawingLayer, use BugZilla IssueTracker ( and file tasks to me.

Documentation for aw080

Since more and more people asked what is inside aw080 and what changes it wioll bring I have started to add some documentation describing this. You can find it here: aw080 documentation

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