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Name : Muhammad Fauzilkamil Zainuddin
Email : jerungkun [at] gmail.com
IRC: : Meet me ApOgEE- on irc.freenode.net #ubuntu-my
Blogs :

  • Coder's Talk - my blog about programming, linux, computer, gadgets, electric and electronic related stuff
  • Art of ApOgEE - my blog about graphic design and art.
  • Reggae And SKA - collections of Reggae and SKA music videos


Hi, ApOgEE is my nick name. My real name is M. Fauzilkamil Zainuddin and I'm born and live in Malaysia. I've been working as home automation software programmer since 2004 until late 2005. In early 2006, I got an offer from a wireless broadband company in Malaysia and since then I'm working there as Software Engineer.

I am a Linux user and lover. I've been using linux since 1999 and I've changed from one distro to another due to searching for which is best suits me and friends around me. In October 2007, I'm getting serious with one nice End-User friendly linux distro called Ubuntu. I enjoy helping my friends converting their computer operating system from well known non-open source licensed OS to open source OS.

While helping my friends and myself in using open source softwares, I did encounter some user experience problems where we are used to those non-open source office products and their features. In my search to those solutions, I found this site and I am interested in contributing to OpenOffice.org User Experience Project. I've been fully using OpenOffice since early 2007 and decided to join the User Experience Community in July 2008. I hope by joining this community, I can help myself and others to have more reliable and user friendly open source office products.

Current Areas of Involvement

Previous Areas of Involvement

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