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The Person

Part of The:

  • User Experience Community
  • Marketing Community
    • Art Project Community (only one I'm truly active on)
  • Education Community

Mailing Lists only of:

  • Website (Dev)


  • Updating, Adding to, Changing the Wiki (/Art side of things), ongoing project..
  • Seasonal Logos based off the original Logo
  • Series of App/Habitat Based Wallpapers
  • Anything someone would like me to try to attempt

The Art

"Birds in Space"
"Birds in Space" - No Bottom Right Logo
OOo3 Splash Screen with Updated Colors
"OOo4Kids Logo" - Non Official

OOo3 Splash Screen with Updated Colors

Any art not signified under the license of PDL are, as long as they are fully created by me.

Other Media

Testing Image for My Reworking of the Main Page, but now only used for testing formatting..
My Proposal for a new reworking of the Art Project wiki pages.
My proposal for a Navbar for the Art Project wiki pages. This has been implemented and can be seen at most pages in the wiki/Art directory.

Artist Sandbox

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