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Type: Specification State: Evolving Availability: URE 1.3 (SRC680_m212)


A free reference, ensuring that the managing environment has always been entered when calling an object.


  template<class T> FreeReference
    FreeReference() {}
    FreeReference(cssuno::Reference<T> const & xRef)
    FreeReference(EnvAwareReference<T> const & rOther)
    cssuno::Reference<T> get() const throw (cssuno::RuntimeException)
    operator cssuno::Reference<T> () const throw (cssuno::RuntimeException)
    T * operator -> () const throw (cssuno::RuntimeException)
    bool is() const throw (cssuno::RuntimeException)
    void clear()
    FreeReference<T> & operator = (FreeReference<T> const & rOther)
    void set(cssuno::Reference<T> const & xRef)
    bool operator == (FreeReference const & rOther) const
    bool operator != (FreeReference const & rOther) const

Usage Example

#include <cppu/EnvGuards.hxx>
  com::sun::star::uno::Reference<XFoo> ref(...)
  cppu::FreeReference<XFoo> free_xFoo(xFoo);
  cppu::EnvGuard otherEnv(cppu::Environment("just another env"));
  free_xFoo->doSomething(); // the free reference ensures that the correct environment etc. gets activated before invokation

More Examples:


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