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Type: specification State: Evolving Availability: URE 1.3


The abstract Environment Stack for Binary Uno.

environments can be:

  • entered or
  • left, respectively
  • invoked

by a thread. The currently entered environment can be retrieved.

Multiple purpose environments can be entered/invoked at the same time. Purposes of environment can be specified in any particular order, e.g.: [cpp] "uno:A:B:C" Where the order may be relevant, depending on the purpose environments.



The prototype for a callee: [cpp] typedef void SAL_CALL uno_EnvCallee(va_list);

The Enterable interface, to be optionally implemented by purpose environments: [cpp] typedef void uno_Enterable_enter (void * context); typedef void uno_Enterable_leave (void * context); typedef void uno_Enterable_callInto_v(void * context, uno_EnvCallee * pCallee, va_list param); typedef void uno_Enterable_callOut_v (void * context, uno_EnvCallee * pCallee, va_list param); typedef int uno_Enterable_isValid_v (void * context, rtl_uString ** ppReason);

typedef struct {

 uno_Enterable_enter      * m_enter;
 uno_Enterable_leave      * m_leave;
 uno_Enterable_callInto_v * m_callInto_v;
 uno_Enterable_callOut_v  * m_callOut_v;
 uno_Enterable_isValid_v  * m_isValid;

} uno_Enterable;

The client API, which is thread-affine: [cpp] void SAL_CALL uno_getCurrentEnvironment(uno_Environment ** ppEnv, char const * pEnv_type) SAL_THROW_EXTERN_C(); void SAL_CALL uno_Environment_invoke_v (uno_Environment * pEnv, uno_EnvCallee * pCallee, va_list param) SAL_THROW_EXTERN_C(); void SAL_CALL uno_Environment_invoke (uno_Environment * pEnv, uno_EnvCallee * pCallee, ...) SAL_THROW_EXTERN_C(); void SAL_CALL uno_Environment_enter (uno_Environment * pEnv) SAL_THROW_EXTERN_C(); int SAL_CALL uno_Environment_isValid (uno_Environment * pEnv, rtl_uString ** pReason) SAL_THROW_EXTERN_C();

uno_Environment->pReserved == uno_Enterable *

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