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Updating the vendor branch

  1. Check out the unhack tools: /contrib/unhack
  2. ./import-ooo-cvs <milestone> (example: ./import-ooo-cvs m187; note that the result is undefined if you have never committed to this svn repository)
  3. cd ~/trunk (SVN /trunk)
  4. svnmerge merge
  5. full build, resolve conflicts, repeat until no conflicts
  6. svn ci ~/trunk --file svnmerge-* (FIXME what's the exact file name?)

NB: Look into how to generate localize.sdf files in some sane manner

SVN error messages top ten

I'm sure there will be ten entries in this list soon...

x has copy flag but no copyfrom URL

No clue what exactly causes this message.

SVN merge says: Revision X doesn't match existing revision X in 'Y'

see http://www.reactos.org/wiki/index.php/Subversion#SVN_merge_says:_Revision_X_doesn.27t_match_existing_revision_X_in_.27Y.27 for an explanation.

This happens when you try to merge too many milestones at once and a file was deleted in one milestone and resurrected in a later milestone.

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