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SouthEast Linux Conference

Location: Spartanburg, SC

Date: June 12 - 13




Second year - ~500 last year. Organizers expect 700 Plus this year.




Drew Jensen Joyce Sandbowers

Booth - Content - Material

BOF session requested:

"Building a vibrant User community" Suggestions for a better theme?

6 Ft table

Sent the following outline as proposal for presentation 1/21/10

Work on the presentation has just begun, with my working outline being:
What is Base?
- OASIS ODF 1.2 Database Front-end Document specification
Where does Base fit with the other applications
- I have Calc why do I need a database also?
- What does it mean to register my database in and why do it?
-- Creating live data links from Base to Calc.
-- Using Base for mail merge functionality in Writer.
What database engines/files dose the Base application support?
-- Internal
--- HSQL database engine
---- What new features will be in the HSQL 2.0 package coming with OO.o 3.3
-- Flat files as data store (what is supported and NOT supported for each)
--- Text / Spreadsheets
--- dBase file format
--- MS Access
--- SQLite and other ODBC sources
-- Server based RDBMS
--- Sun MySQL native connector
--- PostgreSQL native connector
--- JDBC access to other RDBMS
What reporting features are part of Base
- Internal report wizard
-- limitations
- Sun Report Builder extenstion
-- Overview
-- Charting capabilities Where is Base going?
- Overview of planned enhancements
How can YOU get involved?
- What projects is the Base team looking for help with?
- Creating an extension for Base.
Q&A period with audience


Table = $75.00

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